How You Can Help!!??

We are only able to provide the highly trained service dogs to individuals with disabilities due to the grants we receive as well as donations received by individuals and companies.      For example: Horses: it costs $80 per month to feed a horse.                                                                                       It also costs about $200 per month to house(board) a horse.

Dogs: The shelters we pull dogs from some donate the dog some we still have to pay their adoption fee. Dog must go to vet and be made healthy (often they come with minor health issues), and we feed the dog for from 1-12 months, Heart-worm and flea and tick preventative medications for 12 months.  Multiply this times several dogs and you can see how this becomes expensive and add the training on to that.


Facility:  We have printing computer and office needs that can also be donated.

<<-----------  Donate here  EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS Even $5 helps when added to the other $5 received!!

Every donation helps and goes directly to the careand training of the animals.

We are also always in need of volunteers.  From puppy raisers, fosters, dog trainers, horse exercisers facility assistance and more.    Please contact us with where you would like to help and your availability.