High Plains Service Dogs and Therapeutic Riding Center provides service dogs to individuals with a wide range of disabilities.  Our goal is to be able to supply these highly trained service dogs to individuals with disabilities that include but are not limited to mobility/balance such as Parkinson’s, MS and MD,  hearing impaired, seizures, diabetes and more.  We rescue dogs from local shelters to be service dogs for individuals with disabilities.  These dogs are usually breeds that are hard for the rescues and shelters to place as they are usually though of a hard to train, or hyper, and loud.  We temperament test each dog to ensure that they have the right mind set to be a willing working partner.  Training is provided on an ongoing basis to keep the new team finely tuned to one another.  Only through donations received by individuals, local companies corporations, as well as grants received from organizations and foundations are we able to provide this service and our many other services.


We rescue dogs from local rescues and shelters who are temperament tested to have the right mind set to be a working service dog.  The dogs suited to this life are usually hard to place dogs as they have high drive to please and just need a job.  When we place a dog, we are saving 2 lives, the life of the dog as well as the independence of the recipient and their family.

Our training is positive reinforcement methods and this gives the dog the skills.

it also makes the dog responsible for their own decision, and this makes them a happy and very willing partner.