Therapeutic horseback riding is a therapy employed to aid in balance confidence and social and emotional support.


Through working with the patients physical and or speech therapist we design a therapeutic riding program designed specifically for each persons needs.


Most of all, everyone leaves with a big smile on their face.


The horses used are rescued from local rescue organizations to give the horse a new purpose in life.  Many have had a rough life, but love being with people and get all the love and attention they can now.


We also want to provide a drive and train program for participants who would not be able to ride a horse.  We are looking for a mini horse or pony to use for this purpose.  Also looking for a cart to be used where the wheelchair can drive right up to it and allow no stress for the participant and a greater connection for the horse and driver.  Can you build such a car?  Do you have a great mini or pony for this?  Please Contact Us!!



Currently looking for a facility to house all programs out of.